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Revolutionizing Personalization: 3D Inkjet Printing for Tailor-Made Computer System Design

At Eugo Group B.V., we leverage the power of 3D inkjet printing technology to offer a unique and personalized outlook for our computer systems.
This technology allows us to bring customization to a whole new level,
giving customers the opportunity to tailor the appearance of their computer systems according to their preferences.

Enhanced Adhesion through Gas Bombardment

In this critical step, we employ gas bombardment to activate the surface of the product, enhancing its adhesion properties.
By making the surface active, we ensure stronger bonding and improved compatibility with subsequent processes,
contributing to the overall quality and reliability of the final product.

The Heart of 3D Inkjet Printing

At the core of 3D inkjet printing, the profiling printing process is a pivotal step.
For instance, when producing a 13-inch NB (notebook) model, we maintain precise printing parameters,
such as a printing speed of 0.2M/s and a line speed of 1.25m/min.
With an ink replacement frequency of 300PCS/time, our process includes an automatic identification and cleaning function,
ensuring accurate and efficient printing, as well as optimized ink usage.

Controlled Temperature Circulation

Utilizing the heating system, we carefully dry the printed products' surfaces. The temperature control range spans from 0 to 150 degrees, ensuring the ideal conditions for surface drying and baking. This controlled process contributes to the final product's quality and stability, readying it for subsequent stages.

Our advanced ink stirring system features automatic mixing cartridges with precise time settings. This process ensures thorough agitation of the ink to prevent any precipitation. Operating at a stirring speed of 300r/min, it guarantees a well-blended ink composition, maintaining its optimal consistency for superior printing results.

Our innovative technology features an integrated panel control system, designed for utmost convenience and efficiency. With this user-friendly interface, operations become seamless and straightforward, allowing for quick access to various functions and settings. Experience a hassle-free user experience and achieve tasks swiftly with our integrated panel control, enhancing overall productivity and user satisfaction.